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How to Manage, Clean and Care your Spectacles?

on September 20, 2011

How to Clean your spectacles? Why is my spectacles lens still greasy and blurry? How can i remove the scratches in my lens? These are some of the common questions we face in our daily lives of wearing spectacles. Here are some simple tips to take care of your spectacles.

Handling Spectacles:

Removing and wearing your spectacles single-handed like Tom Cruise might look so cool. But yet how cool would it be when its crooked and lob-sided when you are wearing it? 

Rules are simple, just remember to use both hands when handling your spectacles. Technically is to ensures equal pressure being disperse to the frame, so in long-term it will reduce chances of the frame being lob-sided or out of shape.

Store Spectacles Where It Should Be:

Could you imagine how much damage are you doing to your spectacles when just simply throwing it into your bag? Not to mention exposing to car keys and coins? Or just simply putting your spectacles on the table – LENS FACING DOWN?

Or letting your small kids playing with it? Or a chew snack for your house cat, with nice biting engravings on the surface of the lens? These are just some of the common cases we encounter before adjusting our customers spectacles.

Save your spectacles by storing it inside the Spectacle Case when you are not using it; Or put it somewhere safe where it’s away from harm. It will make your life less miserable when you really need your spectacles to perform.

Cleaning Spectacles:

One might ask, why should I clean my spectacles? I have got many customers that have not clean their spectacles for ages, and shockingly only come in  when service is needed for adjustment, screw tightening or when nose pads are worn off !?!

Just imagine, we wear our spectacles the most of the time compared to any other accessories such as clothing, wrist watch and earrings. After a day hard work, all the sweat, facial oil, dust from our body is washed away after a nice good shower, but do we shower our spectacles? No. So you get the picture of cleaning your spectacles?

Actually to Clean you Spectacles isn’t difficult. Just follow the few steps below and you’ll have a Well Maintained, Happy Spectacles.


  • Turn on your tap with running water and rinse your spectacles over it.
  • If your find your lenses are oily, just latter some NORMAL HAND SOAP for some FOAM and gently rub it over the surface of the lenses.
  • Rinse it clean.
  • Dry it with some tissue. Do not leave any water mark on the spectacles.
  • Use the special MICRO-FIBER material SPECTACLE CLOTH to wipe your spectacles dry and clean.
  • Do this few times a week and you will feel great!

Lastly, hope that these few tips and advices above could help you all to enjoy more from your spectacles.

” Take care of your Spectacles,

 and your spectacles will Take Care of You. ”

Till then, Cheers,

Deric Ho


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