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What i think about Pasar Malam Contact Lens……

There was a time when the world started to change….. as if the definition of ‘Pretty” for certain human beings tends to go towards a rather unusual way…. Yes… pick a guess…. Bigger Eyes….

It was a time when many internet shoppers gone crazy with all of these so called Korean Bigger contact lenses.

Many of these contact lens which with unclear sources of manufacture ( Some even Posted their License online, but its from Korean Govt… and how true is it?), successfully invaded the market and made their way to many consumers consisting of those young teenagers and even first time contact lens wearers.

It has been dissapointing for the last few months finding out these unknown colour contact lenses setting up their beachhead in major shopping centres as well as pasar malam or night markets nationwide…. Klang Valley.. P.J… Penang…. Ipoh…….and many more….

 Some of many unlicensenced contact lens sellers.

The Fact is Alarming as there are still many people that are not aware about selling contact lenses do require License issued by the Majlis Optik Malaysia, Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia.

Worse still many more are not aware of the RISKS of getting contact lenses

Without Vision Examination, No Fitting Assessment, No Proper Consultation whatsover…

Sadly, these pasar malam colour contact lenses were sold out just like candies in the convenience shop, and most importantly they were sold in unbelievably low prices…

Some of them even outsmart the consumers by asking them to get free eye test in any optical store for their prescription, while they just follow what prescription consumers provide them…


Attracted by these prices and promotions, its terrifying that consumers were unaware that they are jeopardizing their vision and Eye health by wearing these unknown, unapproved by Malaysia Ministry of Health sold by unprofessional, unlicensed seller….

As a licensed eye care practioner and Optometrist, it dissapoints us seeing these Pasar Malam Contact Lens sellers risking the Vision & Sight of consumers..

Therefore, i urge all contact lens users to take care of your eyes, your vision and your eye health.

Go for a proper full eye examinationas well as consultation when you intend to get your new pair of contact lenses, color or not.. bigger or not…

Your Eyes Deserves Better…..

you only got One Pair of Eyes… don’t hope to get one more…..

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Prepared by Deric Ho

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