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Computer Bad for Eyes? True or False……

Does your Computer Damages your Eyes???

Answer is, it depends…….The consensus is that intensive computer use will uncover, rather than cause, eye problems. Before you assume that you have an eye problem associated with your computer, first check the environmental conditions such as lighting levels and reflection, to make sure these are not forcing you to strain your eyes or other muscles to compensate.

As our eyes ages, focusing on small print will becomes more difficult. This is a condition known as “Presbyopia”.  Most people over the age of forty will start to develop this near reading difficulty problems. Letters will start to look fuzzy, so you start holding things further away and reading in low light gets difficult.

Below are a few tips to help reduce your eyes tiredness or eye straining issue while using computers:

1. Proper lighting:

Whether reading a book or an illuminated  digital screen, sufficient lighting helps minimize eye  strain.

2. Proper positioning:

Setting your computer in a position  so that you are looking downward several inches tends to be the most comfortable  for the eyes.  Also, try to minimize the amount of glare and reflections  from lights or windows picked up by your screen.

3. Blink:

It’s easy to get so caught up in what’s on our  monitors that we stare excessively and forget to blink normally. Yet, the tears  that wash over our eyes when blinking help prevent irritation and drying.   So, try to be aware of whether or not you’re blinking and blink frequently.

4. Take regular breaks: If possible take a break from the  screen every 20-30 minutes, looking at something more distant for half a minute  or so.  This shift in focus engages other eye muscles and gives the ones  focusing on your monitor some time to relax.

5. Enough Rest: Working people nowadays are getting less hours of sleep. One may even stare at the computer, laptop, Ipad or Smartphones before they sleep. Therefore, enough hours or rest and sleep is vital for not only our eyes health as well as overall.

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Good and Bad Reading Postures

In reading, a book or newspaper should be held at a distance of from 30-45 cm away from the eyes. 

It is not advisable to hold reading materials too close to our eyes. Even though some may say it will looks better or bigger in the fact the object is closer. The nearer the object the eyes are concentrated upon, the greater the muscular effort necessary; so that by holding the book too near, the labor of reading is greatly increased, and the long persistence in such a habit is likely to produce weak eyes, and may, in some instances, lead to real near-sightedness.

When children are observed to have acquired this habit and cannot be persuaded out of it, they should always be taken to a physician skilled in the treatment of the eye for examination and advice.

A little attention at such a time may save them from a whole lifetime of trouble with their eyes. Of course, the larger the print, the farther it may be held from the eyes.

The position of the person with regard to the light should be so that the latter will fall upon the page he is reading, and not upon his eyes.

It is generally considered most convenient to have the light shine over the left shoulder, so that in turning the leaves of the book, the shadow of the hand upon the page is avoided. It is not always possible to do this, however, and, at the same time, to get plenty of light upon the page. When one finds himself compelled to face the light in reading, or in standing at a desk bookkeeping, he should always contrive to shade his eyes from a direct light. This may be done with a large eye shade projecting from the brow.

The illumination should always be sufficient. Nothing is more injurious to the eyes than reading by a poor light. Many persons strain their eyes by reading on into the twilight as long as they possibly can.

It is bad to gaze long at any source of light, and the brighter the source of light gazed at, the worse for the eyes, the sun being the worst of all. As a matter of fact, nothing short of sunlight is better than the incandescent electric light to read by or to work by.

Reading In Bed

As to reading while lying down in bed or on a lounge, it all depends on how the book is held. Best will be in such a position that the eyes do not have to be rolled down too far. The above comic illustrates well. Unless the head is raised very high by pillows, however, it will be found very fatiguing to hold the book high enough.

Many persons permanently weaken their eyes by reading to pass away the tedious hours during recovery from severe illness. The muscles of the eyes partake of the general weakness and are easily overtaxed. Persons in this condition may be read to, but should avoid the active use of their own eyes.

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