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Piovino Eyewear…lightweight.. durable…strong… allergy free… AMAZING..

on December 28, 2012


Super light. Super tough. Super Stylish. Absolute comfort.

Introducing the revolutionary Piovino …..

– the world’s lightest and most durable eyewear frame offering wide range of fashionable styles and colours to match your individuality.538071_405338049508316_115899445_n

Piovinos are ideal for both active and working lifestyles with an ultra-flexible bending capacity of 360° – without damage. Made from Ultem Thermo Plastic resin, Piovinos are resistant to extremes of heat and cold retaining their beautiful shape between an extraordinary -30 to 230°C. This high-tech material also weighs in at a super light 9g providing the kind of absolute wearing comfort that must be tried to be believed.


Piovino is renowned for its extreme high-tech quality and lightness and are available exclusively at Ho Optometrist.

Now availaible exclusively at Ho Optometrist, Ipoh.


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