Ho Optometrist

Your Local Optometrist from 怡保……Ipoh….. Perak, Malaysia

Air Optix AQUA

Peace for your eyes, inspired by nature’s most basic elements – air and water.  Introducing AIR OPTIX® AQUA.

The  AIR OPTIX® AQUA breathable contact lenses provides an ideal combination of OXYGEN and MOISTURE to offer a whole new level of comfort all day, everyday for a healthy, natural feeling.

OXYGEN for healthy-looking eyes AIR OPTIX® AQUA lenses are made of a revolutionary silicone hydrogel material that allows up to 5 times more oxygen* through the lens than traditional hydrogel lenses for healthy-looking and healthy-feeling eyes.

* AIR OPTIX AQUA: Dk/t 138 @ -3.00D. Other factors may affect eye health.

AIR OPTIX® features the innovative TriComfort™ Technology:
• Retain Moisture:
Unique lens material minimises dehydration.
• Resists Deposits:
Ultra smooth surface for healthy lens wear.
• Breathability:
5x more oxygen for white healthy-looking eyes.

Experience a new level of comfort for a healthy, beautiful eyes.


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