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MyoVision™ – the innovative spectacle lenses for myopia control

Myopia (nearsightedness) is a visual challenge spanning the globe, occurring across all ages and ethnicities. The root causes of myopia remain a mystery, though recent studies in collaboration with Carl Zeiss Vision have demonstrated a link between the elongation of the eye and myopia progression. Genetic factors do play a significant role, and East Asian children are most likely affected by this visual impairment. ZEISS is introducing the innovative MyoVision™ lenses – the most effective way to retard myopia.

We usually associate myopia with getting older. In fact, nearsightedness is usually first diagnosed amongst children at the age of 4 to 6 and continues to progress until the mid-20s. What is even more distressing is that genetic factors also play a large part in excessive eyeball growth. About 60% of short-sighted children have at least one parent with myopia. No treatment is available for the caus.


It is a known fact that myopia most likely affects East Asians. Across the Asian continent, myopia is widespread – nearly half of 11- to 13-year-olds in urban areas suffer from myopia and the number of myopes globally is expected to grow from the current 1.6 billion to 2.5 billion by 2020 – an astonishing growth of more than 50 percent.


Until recently, the treatment strategies for myopia have concentrated on merely correcting vision. Latest studies have changed the understanding of myopia: correcting both central and peripheral vision is the most effective way of slowing down eye growth.

A normal eye where the image is projected on the retina, both centrally and peripherally

A myopic eye where the image is projected in front of the retina (due to eye elongation)

And this is exactly where the new MyoVision™ spectacle lenses set in. Invented and developed by ZEISS, MyoVision™ works with a simple, yet effective technique – it corrects for sharp central vision while also moving the peripheral image in front of the retina. This has an effect of sending a “stop” signal to the eye to manage eye elongation. The eye simply stops growing, thanks to the “Peripheral Vision Management” technology.

A corrected myopic eye with a flat-form lens. The image is projected on the retina centrally, BUT behind the retina peripherally

A corrected myopic eye withMyoVision™. The image is projected on the retina centrally,BUTin front of (or on) the retina peripherally

This state-of-the-art solution has been clinically tested and officially approved.

Studies including work at the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Centre in China have shown that in children aged between six and twelve with at least one parent who is short-sighted the progress of myopia can be slowed down by an average of 30%.

This means in practice that wearing MyoVision™ lenses can reduce the deterioration in vision from, for example, six to four dioptres in children over the review period. Over 210 children and young people aged between six and 16 took part in medical trials over the past twelve months. The test in China proves that MyoVision™ lenses have been developed with children in mind. After all, they have been successfully tested and approved by myopic children.

MyoVision™ spectacle lenses are tailor-made for the specific needs of myopic children. They not only provide kids with clear and sharp vision and retards myopia. The lenses are also easy-to-handle. They are kid-friendly, thanks to their thin and light lenses, guaranteeing great wearing comfort. Their neat design makes it easier for kids to adapt to them, much easier than conventional contact lenses, which are always a hassle, both for children and their parents.

MyoVision™lenses–a safe and natural therapeutic intervention.

MyoVision™ sends the all-important stop signal to the myopic eye in a safe and natural therapeutic intervention, harmonizing with natural processes.

A reliable and experienced company behind product development.

The name ZEISS has been standing for state-of-the-art precision lenses for over 160 years. The long tradition and experience in high precision optics of the pioneer in optics assures an in-depth knowledge of the eye. It’s no surprise then that an innovation such as MyoVision™ was made possible by ZEISS. Countless myopic Asian children can now reap the benefits of spectacles that slow the progress of myopia.


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