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Primary Eyecare

Definition: A frontline activity, providing care and identifying disease before it becomes a serious medical issue. Primary eye care can be delivered in many different ways.

Primary eye care services include the following:

  1. Educating patients about maintaining and promoting healthy vision.
  2. Performing a comprehensive examination of the visual system.
  3. Screening for eye diseases and conditions affecting vision that may be asymptomatic.
  4. Recognizing ocular manifestations of systemic diseases and systemic effects of ocular medications.
  5. Making a differential diagnosis and definitive diagnosis for any abnormalities that are detected.
  6. Performing refractions.
  7. Fitting and prescribing optical aids such as glasses and contact lenses.
  8. Deciding on a treatment plan and treating patients’ eye care needs with appropriate therapies.
  9. Counseling and educating patients about their eye disease conditions.
  10. Determining when to triage patients for more specialized care and referring to specialists as needed and appropriate.
  11. Coordinating care with other physicians involved in the patient’s overall medical management.

Primary eye care practitioners generally assume responsibility for coordinating eye care services necessary to optimize a patient’s visual function.

This coordination involves interacting with, referring to, and consulting with other physicians and health professionals, specialists, and community programs.


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